Interlocking Martial Arts Mats – Best Multipurpose Mats…

When you need to decide the essentials of martial arts, whether it’s at home or for official purposes; considering the training materials can be tricky and for some people even stressful. However, thankfully many people are willing to help, by lending their experience and feedback. That is what I am offering here, with a quick “pros and cons list” of my experience with “interlocking martial art mats” in my years of martial arts training.

Remember, these are just my opinion; you do not have to rely on me entirely. The best will always be trial and error, but taking some feedback may save you money or troubles in the long run.

Pros of Interlocking Martial Arts Mats:

  • More comfortable to replace if damaged than large conventional mats. You buy a piece instead of a huge mat.
  • When done correctly, they are very easy to clean and dry quickly.
  • They hold the possibility for a custom cut for fitting difficult corners or areas.
  • Falls are often experienced as harder than on many conventional mats; pushing the martial artist to focus on proper fall techniques.
  • Easy to pick up and store away in case of multiple usages of space.
  • Can be easily removed in sections, if so needed.
  • Having to remember specific patterns for the laying of mats is not necessary to prevent mats from moving.
  • Mats are firmly interlocked together to hinder moving apart during training.
  • Easy to move as one when combined into one big mat.
  • Easy to take apart, lift, and transport if needed elsewhere.
  • They can be used indoors and outdoors and are very cost efficient.
  • When training with metal weapons, the martial artist is forced to focus on technique and keeping hold of his weapon, to save the mats from damage.
  • If one side is stained, scratched or damaged, often it can be turned over to another side.
  • Can be less slippery when the surface is wet with sweat when compared to many other surfaces.

Cons of Interlocking Martial Arts Mats:

  • Training with any pointed, edged, or sharp weapons can be damaging if dropped upon mats.
  • Those sensitive to joint instability may gain further instability after prolonged and constant training on interlocking mats.
  • More chances of causing mat burns than some other mat types during martial arts training.

But still using interlocking mats can be a great, safer, and more cost-effective solution than some other types, and indeed on a hardwood floor.

Importance of Learning a Second Language

Spanish lessons in every day life

The world is becoming a much smaller planet. Traveling to large countries and regions such as the Europa, United States, Canada, and you’ll see examples of globalization  A good example is to check out the restaurants. Food defines a region, and while you’ll undoubtedly discover a wide range of local fare, you’ll also find the work of other cultures. Without a doubt, you’ll encounter people who speak a different language than you at one point in your life. If you’re an opportunist, you’ll likely see the benefit of the relationships that can be established through the knowledge of a language whether you’re in business or traveling. For instance, a man who runs an automotive shop in Southern California is confronted with a couple whose car is broken down. This couple has trouble speaking English, but the mechanic can speak Spanish. Because of that, he can explain the problem with their vehicle and how much it will cost to repair it. The Spanish speaking couple likely feels more comfortable with the transaction because they can ask questions, and build a rapport with the mechanic. The relationship the mechanic was able to build with this couple due to his Spanish speaking ability likely soothed the frustrations of a bad situation.

2 Boys


While that is one simplistic, if common, situation in which a second language is valuable, the reality is that relationships with other countries defines the very basis of trade, marketing, finance and politics. Look at the markings on any toy you buy for your children, any article of clothing you wear, any electronic you use or many of the parts that make up your car, and you’ll find the handiwork of another country. That is the reality of a global market. Whether you’re a small town mechanic, foreign diplomat, ER nurse or in international trade speaking a second language is valuable.

Spanish lessons for kids

Spanish, in particular, is one of the world’s most spoken languages. In fact, Spanish is the mother tongue of 20 countries and more than 442 million people world wide. In the United States, Spanish is the native tongue of about 41 million people, with over 11 million more who learned it as a second language, making it the second most spoken language. In fact, recent studies have shown that the United States houses more Spanish speakers than Spain! On a global scale, Spanish is the third most spoken language, even beating out English. The importance of learning another language, particularly Spanish is undeniable. In the United States in particular, having a fluency in Spanish is not only an asset but is quickly becoming a necessity.

Spanish lessons for kids at an early age

The earlier a person starts to learn another language, the more the language becomes an intrinsic part of their thinking. I’m sure you’ve heard that its best for a person to learn a second language when they’re young. That’s absolutely true, and here’s why. Children are still learning language all together, and are still shaping the neural pathways associated with language. If children learn language young, the language becomes part of their thinking rather than a translation of their already established world views. This can ultimately be simplified into the difference between learning language through immersion versus translation. (



Translation vs Immersion for Spanish lessons for kids

The common way adults learn a second language is through translation. They’re shown a word in English, then shown its Spanish equivalent. When learning an entire language this way, all of their cognitive thinking becomes translation. They listen to their teacher speaking and they are mentally translating the words. They read a book in the language they’re learning and with each word are thinking about the corresponding word in their native language. Can you see how hard this is? There are two ways of thinking going on simultaneously, and believe me, it’s definitely double the work. It’s downright exhausting. Not until a person is immersed in an environment where they are forced to only speak, hear, and live in a new language do they drop the translation way of speaking and just, well, speak.



Online program dedicated to Spanish lessons for kids

That’s why a website like is so innovative. Their method of teaching is based on the immersion experience of learning a language. Students play games that teach direct association. This speeds of the cognitive ability and gets students speaking more quickly and confidently. The way the lessons are designed is appropriate for and geared towards a child’s mind. They are playful and interactive, engaging the child while they learn. For instance, a child will be given several Spanish words on one side of the screen and pictures on the other. The child will be asked to drag the picture to the corresponding Spanish word. Or your child will see a “doll” they need to dress. As they are dressing the doll, they will hear and say the Spanish words associated with the parts of the doll’s outfit. Your child will not only learn vocabulary, but also spelling, sentence structure, conversational situations and culture.

The Spanish Scholars website offers a free trial so you can login and see if your child enjoys the lessons. Once you’ve seen the website and played around with it I know you’ll be hooked. They offer multiple pricing plans to suit your family’s needs. Before you know it, you’ll find your child asking for their afternoon snack in Spanish!

Online Spanish Language Lessons for Kids Through Modern Tools

Online Spanish language lessons

Not everyone in the world is interested in learning the Spanish language. Be that as it may, it is still worth taking note that a lot of people all over the world are learning to speak Spanish. People from all walks of life and ages do so for a variety of reasons. As varied as these reasons are, so are the ways that one can learn to speak, read, and write Spanish. It only takes a genuine interest, and you will be able to find out and try which method will be effective for you.

Young girl


For those whose first language is English, learning Spanish as their second language has become a popular personal enhancement goal. Even if you can’t leave your house to attend Spanish language classes, your Spanish lessons can come to you!

Not all online tools will work for your child

Before you begin an online course, you have to be aware that not all online language learning tools are useful. There are instances where people find that they have not learned anything significant at all with the online Spanish lessons they have chosen. This doesn’t mean that online Spanish lessons for kids or adults are not effective. For every person that has failed to learn, there are lots more who were able to become fluent in Spanish successfully.

There are various reasons why online Spanish lessons did not work for some people. It could be that they did not follow all the course work or read through all the material. It can simply be a case of student laziness. Apparently, if a student does not do his part, he will not learn.

Another reason would be that maybe an online course does not work for you. Some people thrive better in a classroom setting where there is a teacher who will guide one through all the lessons and follow up on all the homework. You must know your inclination first before you embark on an online course. Do you need constant guidance from a real live teacher, or are you independent enough to go through the lessons yourself as outlined in the online course?

However, when it comes to kids, the above reasons don’t have to apply necessarily. As the parent, you will be able to do the guidance if your children are undergoing online Spanish lessons for kids.

Another thing that kids have going for them is that they have a good memory. They can easily remember concepts and ideas even if they don’t initially have a good understanding of them. This is why most online Spanish lessons for kids incorporate catchy songs to introduce simple Spanish words and phrases. Songs grab their attention and are helpful in memory retention.

Learning a new language will benefit your children. Aside from having a new language to add to their skill set, they will also discover the love of learning for learning’s sake. With online Spanish lessons for kids, the process of learning a foreign language has become efficient and comfortable.

Why Should Your Child Learn Spanish Fast?

There are many benefits of learning a second language, in particular for children. One of the best languages to have your kids learn is Spanish.


The main reason to have your child learn Spanish is due to the global character of our society nowadays wherein a small town can be composed of various races and people coming from different places. Enticing your child to learn Spanish as a second language can be advantageous for him since this can help him communicate with Spanish-speaking individuals at present or in the future.

The second advantage in learning Spanish as a second language is the way it can improve your child’s mental health. Scientific studies have shown that learning a second language, or being a bilingual can improve a child’s cognitive development. Bilingualism significantly improves a child’s cognitive development, problem-solving skill, reading capacity, and logic. Furthermore, children who learn to be fluent in two or more languages at a young age can yield better job opportunities in the future, especially in the field that concern communicating in a different language.

Lastly, learning a second language can be fun and exciting for children as this can open opportunities for them to go to different places or even living there. A child who is fluent in speaking Spanish will not have any hesitation in applying for an exchange student program or traveling on his own since he knows that he can communicate well in a new environment.

Whatever the reason for wanting your child to learn a second language, it is important to understand how to get on track. Here are a few tips on how you can further encourage your child to learn a second language.

Learn with your child

When helping your child to learn Spanish fast, it is important that you learn with him. This will push him to find out better since he knows that you have his back in every step of the way. If you too are new to learning Spanish, learning with your child can be advantageous for the both of you since you can push each other to learn more.

Read Spanish!

One of the key techniques in learning Spanish fast is by reading Spanish books. You don’t have to trouble yourself with reading adult Spanish books especially if you and your child are new to learning Spanish. Read children’s story books together for a few minutes every day. You will be amazed how this can help you remember Spanish words, while also helping you associate them with English words quickly.

Play while learning

Who says you can’t play while learning? Children learn things faster during play—this also goes with learning Spanish. Try playing games by using Spanish words, or by using board games that use Spanish words. There are also software programs and games which use the Spanish language. You will be amazed how fast your child can retain Spanish words soon.

Use computers to your advantage

Since children nowadays spend a lot of time on their computers, try using these as tools to help them learn Spanish fast. Install games and programs that are interactive and enjoyable for your children to encourage them to learn their Spanish while using their computers. There are interactive games, lessons, audio and video files, and other resources that can teach your children Spanish quickly.

With these different tips on how to encourage your child to learn Spanish fast, you can be sure that your child will learn to love and appreciate learning a second language!

True Benefits of Learning Italian in Italy

Best place to learn a new language

Traveling to another country and learning a new language can enrich you as a person. You will be able to combine your love of a country like Italy with the experience of learning to speak their language. The best way for you to learn the language is to be able to use it within the country itself. Therefore, traveling to Italy and studying Italian can be one of the most education and spaces that you can have in your life.
Would you like to live in Florence or study in Rome or Venice? How about choosing a smaller venue like Pisa or Siena? Wherever you decide to live and study, you will have the time of your life and learn Italian the best way possible.

Ponte Vecchio

How to force yourself to learn

Residing in a foreign country will afford you the opportunity to use the language every single day for as long as you stay there. Living in Italy is starkly different from being a tourist in the country. Visitors can manage to travel by knowing a few Italian phrases and using English. As a matter of fact, tourists may have more trouble learning the Italian language because most of the locals in the tourist spots already know how to speak English and would be glad to use it.

In contrast, living as an Italian resident will afford you the opportunity to use the language on a more regular basis. You will have no choice but to speak Italian when shopping in the local market or when getting your mail at the post office. You will have to interact in Italian even in bars at night.  Make sure you enjoy a soccer game when ever possible.  Italians like most Europeans love soccer and will talk to you about their favorite team for hours if you show interest.
If you are all enough to learn the language as well as assimilate the culture, you will be amazed at how quick you can learn Italian daily. There is a stark difference between learning Italian in the country as compared to learning it from your birth country. This is because while in Italy, you will be able to hear naturally spoken Italian in conversation. This encourages foreigners to learn the language as quickly as they can because of wanting to understand what people are saying.

Benefits of knowing Italian

Knowing the Italian language will also show how to consider if you can be trying to communicate with the Italian people. Most of the time, although Italians can very well make themselves understood in English, they usually have difficulty conveying their innermost thoughts and feelings in any other language apart from their own. Another advantage of learning the language in Italy is that you would be able to acquire the authentic Italian accent and would become familiar with the colloquial terms as well as the brand of humor that they have.



Activities For Kids Learning Spanish

Learning a new language can be hard, and kids get easily bored and frustrated when you give them the same old lessons every single time. The key to keeping them interested is to make learning fun.

Here are some fun activities for kids learning Spanish to do:



  • Listen to Spanish music

Put on a CD while the kids are playing, or when you’re in the car. Music is always a great way to get kids engaged and before you know it they will be singing along in Spanish without even thinking about it.

  • Watch Spanish TV Shows

If your kids’ favorite cartoons or TV shows are available in Spanish, encourage them to watch one or two every day. Younger children, in particular, will gain a lot of vocabularies this way as they associate the images on the screen with the words they speak.

  • Take Kids To A Spanish Event Or Host Your Own

Joining a Spanish event in your community is a great way to engage children in the language. There are always fun activities for kids learning Spanish to participate in, and they will enjoy playing with the other children as well. You might also want to host Spanish-themed parties.

  • Get Some No-Work Spanish Audio Books

Listening to these audiobooks is a great way to enhance your kids’ Spanish vocabulary and listening comprehension skills, even if they are busy playing or doing other things. These audio books contain stories that are read first in English, then in Spanish. Also, each audio book has a different reader, so listeners get used to variations in pronunciation.

  • Read Spanish Books

If your children like to read, this is an excellent way to expand their vocabulary and practice pronunciation. Younger children will especially enjoy colorful picture books while older children may prefer Manga-styled books. Just make sure the books are not above their comprehension level or they will get frustrated very quickly.

  • Have A “Spanish Hour”

For one hour a day, everyone must speak only in Spanish. No English words allowed! When you come to a word or phrase you don’t know, you have to act it out until someone figures it out. If someone says an English word, they get a point against them. At the end of the hour, the person with the least points wins a prize.

  • Invite A Spanish Exchange Student

Of course, you don’t have to look for one in another country! You can simply ask a Spanish child who is learning English over for a play date with your kids. They will end up helping each other learn the language. Who knows, they might even develop a great and lasting friendship.

  • Organize A Spanish Cooking Night

Cooking is a great activity for kids to learn about the Spanish, Hispanic or Mexican culture. Get a Spanish cookbook (preferably written in Spanish) and get the kids to help you make a meal. Say the ingredients and measurements in Spanish and explain the cooking methods in Spanish too. You’ll surely have fun with this and get a healthy meal out of it at the same time.

Benefits of Using Field Notes Wallet

If you would like to have something that would effectively house your every item when traveling, the Field Notes wallet is the best product that you can have. This mini portfolio will give you what you want regarding usability and design. If you want to learn more, I suggest that you read this article right away. You will not regret it one bit.  My first time using one these wallets I realized it was the perfect method to organize the items that I really needed.  Of course my first wallet was made with Italian leather from the town of Florence one of my favorite places to visit in Italy
Here are the benefits of using this product as follows:


Field notes wallet


First, the Field Notes wallet will be able to give you high-quality materials regarding structure and construction. This particular wallet got made from Lazaro leather which significantly improves its durability over time. This advantage means that you will not have to worry about the wear and tear that the wallet may incur because of regular use.
In addition to this, this particular product has been folded, cut, and burnished into perfection inside the manufacturing studio. This reason is why you can be sure that it gets made from high-quality materials.
Significant Features
With a Field Notes Wallet, you will be able to experience how it is to have everything that you need available inside your wallet. This particular product has the following features that can help you become more efficient while traveling.
• Two to three credit card slots. In some designs, it will have one large pocket on the back of the wallet itself. This feature adds to the many containment capabilities of the product.
• Leather cover for the field notes journal/memo book. With this notebook, you will not happen for getting your appointments ever again even if you are on the go. It is something that you should consider buying as soon as possible not only because of the design but also because it would be extremely useful and sustainable.
• A separate pocket for cash or receipts
• Button-stud tabbed closing mechanism
• Most of the time, this is sewn by using Tiger thread which has export quality. This tool makes it stronger than a machine stitch, which adds to the durability of the product.
• Completely varnished using beeswax, that adds to the elegant leather feel of the product itself.
Additional Advantages
Aside from these features mentioned above, you will also be able to get the stylishness of this product. You will not have a problem matching it with any of your clothes and outfits in the end. Furthermore, it is extremely portable and light. It will not have a problem carrying it on the back of your jeans or even your bag for sure.
In addition to this, you can also enjoy the affordability of the product. Your pockets will surely not heard from availing this product in the future. It also comes with a few bonus items such as pens as well as the journal mentioned above. These additional details and features are why I highly recommend availing this product as soon as you can. It will be a great investment not only for you but also for the people in your family.

Italian vs. Spanish: Similarities…

It can be extremely challenging to learn a foreign language. If it were that easy, everyone would be able to do so already. Learning Italian seems to be much easier for Spanish speakers already because of the various similarities and differences between the two languages. From grammar to vocabulary and pronunciation, knowing how to speak Spanish will give you a boost when learning Italian.

La Giralda,Sevilla, Spain
Phase 1: Italian and Spanish – The Languages of Love
Both of these languages are considered romantic because of their Roman origins. They are also called Latin or Neo-Latin languages. This means that they are rooted in the language as well. When reading both Spanish and Italian, you will be able to figure out the meaning because of similar spellings.
English: My name is
Spanish: Me llamo
Italian: Mi chiamo
The root word for name is “amo”. This is why someone who speaks Spanish could eventually surmise that “mi chiamo” may mean something similar to “me llamo” if someone says it followed by a proper name. Many other phrases may follow the same syntax. This is why several European languages including Spanish and Italian get considered as romantic languages.
Phase 2: Mirrored Grammar
To learn Spanish, one has to realize the similarity in grammar compared to Italian. There are gender nouns present as well as adjective agreement. However, learning word endings in Italian can be complicated. Additionally, Italian verb tenses can also be a little bit harder to understand. Seemingly, both languages try to abstain from using the passive voice whenever necessary. Because of this, Italian may be a bit harder to learn compared to Spanish. However, if you know the former first before the latter, it will have a much easier learning curve eventually.
Phase 3: Accents and Intonation


village in spain
Italian speakers tend to put accents on the third to last syllable of every word. Spanish speakers, on the other hand, place their accents on the second to last syllable. If you listen to the two languages side by side, you will notice a big difference when it comes to pronunciation. This is why a flowing Spanish speaker may be able to understand reading Italian quite quickly compared to hearing the spoken Italian words.
Knowing Spanish will surely be an advantage when trying to learn Italian. Having awareness regarding the similarities of both languages is surely a good start. This article aims to encourage learning Italian more so if you know how to speak Spanish. I hope that you will give the Italian language a chance. Learning about the culture and the Italian people is worth your while.

All About French- Speaking Countries

All About French- Speaking Nations

FC Carl Zeiss Jena - BFC Dynamo by ALLESFAHRER
Source: Flickr

The French Language

About around 200 million individuals all over the world speak French. This number consists of people who speak French as a native language, as a second language and pupils of all ages that do not live in a francophone (French-speaking) nation but have actually learned French. In fact French as a foreign language is the 2nd most frequently instructed language worldwide after English. It is likewise the only international language that could be beneficial throughout the world as well as in the United States. French can be found in 2nd after English on the listing of the world’s 10 most prominent languages. Proof of this is the critical part French holds. It is one of the official functioning languages in dozens of effective worldwide organisations such as the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN), Globe Wellness Organisation (THAT), World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as a host of various other worldwide organizations.

The French language of today is a straight outcome of extended periods of evolution. France, throughout its lengthy history, had actually been attacked by different ethnic tribal teams. The most identified of these are the Franks. They took on the Latin being talked back then. Hence, the French language is a descendant from Latin. It is likewise known as one of the Romance languages which include Catalan, Italian, Spanish, and also Portuguese. They are called such because their moms and dad tongue Latin was the language of the Romans. For many years, the very early French language has actually undertaken modifications in words and also grammatic structures. It has actually progressed right into today’s international French.

Frenchspeak – Here, There and also Everywhere

The French-speaking globe extends the whole world with its language knowned in all the continents. Other than English, French is the only language talked as a native or first language on 5 continents.

In Europe, French is the main language of France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Belgium and Switzerland. France with a population of more than 60 million is one of the most modern-day nations in the world. It is among the primary leaders in the European Union. French is a co-official language in Switzerland. This attractive country is one of the globe’s wealthiest nations. It is the center of several international associations. Belgium, in the fifty percent previous century, has become a dynamic European state. Brussels, the resources of Belgium, is home to the head office of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

In Africa, the French-speaking nations include Algeria, Burundi, Benin, Chad, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Comoros. Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Guinea, Madagascar, Morocco, Rwanda, Togo, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Tunisia, Mauritius, Homecoming and also Seychelles.

In the Americas as well as the Caribbean, French is spoken in Canada, Haiti, French Guiana, Martinique and also Guadeloupe (these last three are French territories).

In Australia and the Pacifics, Vanuatu and also the abroad French regions French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Wallis and also Fortuna are French-speaking.

In lots of other countries, French plays a substantial role either as a management, business or international language. Several of these nations are Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Egypt, Greece, India, Italy, Laos, Lebanon, Mauritania, Poland, Syria, Trinidad as well as Tobago, UK (Channel Islands), United States specifically Louisiana as well as New England, the Vatican City and Vietnam. Clearly, the French language is spoken everywhere.

Persuaded now to find out global French? It is rather easy. Check out this site’s French Language Program and master French in the best place– the convenience of your own house.

Bonne possibility! Good Luck!